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Explore our database for tools and knowledge that will support you in developing policy and regulatory frameworks for sustainable energy. These resources are recommended by stakeholders across the energy sector. Additional resources related to clean cooking, sustainable cooling and energy efficiency are coming soon.

Other useful platforms
Nigeria Integrated Energy Planning Tool

The Nigeria Integrated Energy Planning Tool is a GIS-based interactive data visualization platform to support Nigerian policy makers and practitioners in their decision-making process. It was developed by SEforALL, in collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation.

SAS Knowledge Hub

SAS Knowledge Hub is a digital repository by ACE TAF gathering resources on stand-alone solar (SAS) systems, ranging from e-waste and recycling, martket date to productive use. ACE TAF is a programme funded by the UK Government Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) between 2018-2022.

Policy Knowledge Hub

GOGLA’s policy knowledge hub includes a digital repository for off-grid solar energy laws, policies, and regulations and an off-Grid VAT and duty tracker for solar companies, as well as Country Briefs that review the status of sub-Saharan African countries’ off-grid solar markets. The hub was developed by GOGLA with input from Power Africa.

Electrifying Economies

Electrifying Economies is an information platform demonstrating the role distributed energy will play in ending energy poverty and catalyzing a green and equitable recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. It has been jointly developed by Rockefeller Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute, and Sustainable Energy for All.

The Green Mini-Grids Help Desk

The Green Mini-Grids Help Desk provides mini-grid developers and policymakers with practical information on mini-grids, including market reports, links to industry stakeholders, instruction guides, business forms and templates, and financial models. It is implemented by AfDB, Sustainable Energy for All Africa Hub, SEFA, Energy4Impact, and Inensus.

Energy Access Explorer

Energy Access Explorer is an online, open-source, interactive platform that uses mapping to visualize the state of energy access in unserved and underserved areas. It analyzes credible and public data to make the connection between the demand and supply of energy. The platform is led by World Resources Institute (WRI). financial models. It is implemented by AfDB, Sustainable Energy for All Africa Hub, SEFA, Energy4Impact, and Inensus.

Malawi Integrated Energy Planning Tool

The Malawi Integrated Energy Planning Tool is an online, publicly available, interactive, and user-friendly data visualization platform that equips Malawian policy makers and energy practitioners with data and insights to make informed decisions on strategies and operations to advance energy access in the country.

Sustainable Energy for All Knowledge Hub
Energizing Finance: Impacts of Policies on Electricity Financing in Rwanda
Nigeria Integrated Energy Planning Tool - A Guide for Stakeholders
Promoting Mini-Grids Electrification for Rural Development
IRENA/ADFD Project Facility Changing Lives through Renewable Energy
Solar-Powered Mini-Grids Bring Security and New Economic Opportunities in Ghana

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